EU eco seal

Our control number:
DE-ÖKO 006

Eco-hotel – what does that mean for us and for you?

“A bit eco” – that may be possible in a private environment, but a hotel can only be run ecologically without compromise. This requires not only a high ecological aspiration, but also a well elaborated holistic concept. We operate sustainably, buy locally and pay attention to environmentally friendly energy and waste cycles.

Our hotel is regularly audited by independent bodies. In this way, we guarantee the highest possible transparency, and you can be sure that with us, organic really means organic.

Our set of values

We safeguard special values – so that the world becomes a little better and you feel comfortable with us.

100% food from certified organic farms

All food and drinks are 100% certified organic and from regional suppliers, most of whom we know in person. We produce some of our own food (jams, chutneys, smoked cheeses, and game ham). Several products such as coffee, tea and sugar are Fairtrade certified. All cleaning and cosmetic products are also certified.

Sustainable resource and energy management

At eco-hotel KUNSTQUARTIER, we primarily use solar energy for hot water and electricity. If this is not sufficient, we buy green electricity and heat our water with an air heat exchange pump. In peak load times, a gas boiler can still be switched on. To minimize energy consumption, we have a modern room management system that regulates energy requirements based on occupancy. Of course, waste avoidance, recycling and the composting of organic waste are also part of our concept – for example, we preferably use recycled or at least FSC-certified paper.

CO2 neutrality

In principle, we avoid CO2 whenever possible. We consume less than 3 kg of CO2 per guest per night and breakfast. This puts us in the top 10 even within all eco-hotels. Nevertheless, we have decided to run our house CO2-neutral and buy CO2 certificates to compensate. And we even go one step further by also giving our guests the CO2 compensation for their arrival and departure.

Natural construction materials

Sandstone, slate, travertine … already during the construction we paid attention to high-quality natural materials. In the hallways, the old bricks, still formed by hand, were reprocessed as wall cladding. An interior with solid wood furniture from the carpenter goes without saying. Our bed covers are made of BIO cotton and Fairtrade. Special highlight: In the rooms “Junior Suite”, “Suite” and “Apartment” you sleep in comforters filled with the soft alpaca wool of our private Ark and Organic farm (for allergy sufferers we have of course special synthetic comforters).


In the old building, we shielded all power cables to avoid electrosmog. The entire hotel was also examined by a geomancer for force and interference fields. The pleasing result: We have no water veins or interference fields under our building.

Visionary networks

Sustainability only works jointly. That is why we work closely with people and associations who share the same values as we do and with whom we continuously exchange ideas and develop further. Among other things, we are part of the BIO-Metropolregion initiative, we are active in the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie movement.

Private organic and ark farm

Our private project being close to our heart is a 1.2 hectare organic and ark farm that perfectly complements our value concept. Here we grow berries and herbs, have planted a truffle plantation and integrated rare trees and bushes. In addition, our farm is home to old breeds of farm animals threatened with extinction.

Far more than “just” organic

In addition to the consistent sustainable philosophy, we attach great value to individuality and aesthetics. Every guest who enters the KUNSTQUARTIER senses its special aura – the result of a great deal of sensitivity in the renovation of the historic building fabric, in the handling of architecture and the selection of furnishings.

Each of our 23 rooms is unique and the design concept is deliberately beyond the uniformity of conventional hotels.