The history of our hotel

  • 2019

    CO2 neutrality

    Balancing to the common good economy and climate neutral hotel

  • 2017

    Certification as eco-hotel

    Certification as an eco-hotel and opening of the new building. The hotel now has 23 rooms.


  • 2016

    Start new building

    17 rooms are created in the new building.

  • 2012

    Start of hotel operations

    Siegfried Hochstein hands over the management of the Faber-Castell Academy. The offices are converted into hotel rooms and the small hotel starts with 6 rooms.


  • 2011

    Faber-Castell Academy

    The building is used again for the first time: The administration of the Faber-Castell Academy, headed by Siegfried Hochstein, moves into the new office buildings. Three guest rooms are created for Academy participants. For a transitional period, Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller and Siegfried Hochstein also live (and work) here.

  • 2010

    Start of the renovation

    Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller and Siegfried Hochstein buy the property and the old building is completely renovated while preserving the old structure.


  • 2001


    A new youth center is being built in Stein, and as of this date, the building at 32-34 Hauptstraße is vacant.

  • 1977

    Sale to town

    The town of Stein receives its town charter and over time the center of Stein changes – as does the use of the building, which until then had been used exclusively for residential purposes. The Schönhut family sells the property to the town, which over time uses the building alternatively as a residence, youth center and for the Steiner Tafel.


  • 1940

    Music school

    Mrs. Schönhut runs the first “music school” in Stein for a long time. She is physically limited and so the music lessons take place exclusively in her building.

  • 1908

    First extension

    The ensemble is supplemented by further extensions (Hauptstraße 34). During this time, the beautifully carved balcony on the street front is created, which was listed for many years.


  • 1861

    The old building is built

    Johann Schönhut builds the house at Hauptstraße 32 in Stein, directly next to the church with the same year of construction. He receives a company loan for this from his employer, Freiherr Lothar von Faber, as an employee. The tradition was continued: Many further generations of the Schönhut family were employed in the Faber-Castell company.