New: The tapas bar “La Buena Vida” in the KUNSTQUARTIER

la buena vida – the good life – is more than food and drink: Sharing tastes and fellowship. Engaging in conversation and enjoyment. Experiencing and celebrating the warmth of life. You can enjoy Spanish tapas in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, freshly prepared by Blanca Gutiérrez Bartolomé.

Hospitality and family tradition, sensuality and variety characterize the Spanish cuisine, which combines products from the land and the sea with freshness, warmth and spice – in certified organic quality at our house. Fine, young, or strong Spanish wines from organic cultivation round off the taste experience.

Your cook Blanca Gutiérrez Bartolomé grew up in Castile with the flavors of mother’s and grandmother’s cuisine and cultivates Spanish culture and hospitality also in Franconia – as humanly as professionally. Our tapas buffet lets you discover Spanish flavors and lifestyle!

¡Déjese sorprender! – Let us surprise you!