Außenaufnahme Biohotel Kunstquartier in SteinBiohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung ChristianBiohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung ChristianBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
KUNSTQUARTIER Stadt Stein AnsichtBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
Biohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung KonstanzeBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
Biohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung MarkusBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
Biohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
Biohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung IrinaBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie
Biohotel Kunstquartier Apartment KobaltgrünBiohotel Kunstquartier – Kundenmeinung NinaBiohotel Kunstquartier Bestpreis Garantie

Welcome to the eco-hotel KUNSTQUARTIER near Nuremberg!

In our owner-managed hotel, we combine aesthetics and comfort with organic quality and sustainability – for individualists and family people, for connoisseurs and business travelers. Here you will be surrounded by the flair of a historic building that has been brought carefully and with much love into the modern age with great attention to detail. The result is a very special eco-hotel in Franconia. Whether alone or as a couple, with children or colleagues, or even with a dog: we look forward to welcoming you!

Your hosts Siegfried Hochstein and Jutta Heller

Consistently organic

For us, “organic” is not a buzzword, but a holistic set of values – from building materials and energy supply to food and beverages.


Artist colors, warm sandstone, natural wood. An extraordinary design concept. KUNSTQUARTIER combines sustainability with a sensual aura.

Centrally located

Our hotel is only a stone’s throw away from Nuremberg – and yet is located in the middle of the Franconian natural landscape and very close to popular excursion destinations.

Our aim is that upon departure you will confirm our motto: A stay at the eco-hotel KUNSTQUARTIER is like staying with friends!

New: All parking spaces with charging stations

Our eight parking spaces in the inner courtyard are equipped with charging points. We charge exclusively with green electricity, partly our own electricity from our photovoltaic system. If required, please reserve your personal parking space in good time for 10 € per night plus 65 cents/kWh charging fee.

Promoted by the Bavarian State as part of the program “Tourism in Bavaria – Fit for the Future”.

We preserve special values – so that the world becomes a little better and so that you feel comfortable with us.

Urlaubszwischenstopp auf der Höhe Nürnberg im Biohotel Kunstquartier